Glenda’s Bio

About Glenda

Glenda Underwood Jackson is a powerful prophet and healing evangelist of the Lord, called to the nations.  She moves in signs, wonders and miracles to glorify Jesus.  Originally from Manteca, California, Glenda’s ministry was established in 1974 and she has been a missionary evangelist ever since.  Her primary focus from 1974 through 2007 was ministry to the Native American people, the American Indians.

With her love and calling to the American Indians, Glenda has ministered to many tribes throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona and has ministered in numerous other churches including the Church of God in Christ denomination and more.

Glenda’s father, C.L. Underwood, was a healing evangelist with many great miracles in his services.  Her great-aunt was Maria Woodworth-Etter, who was a powerful apostle, evangelist and pastor.  Today, Glenda carries that spiritual heritage of a similar calling and is known as a powerful prophet sent to the nations.

On her birthday, December 29, 2007, Glenda had a powerful angelic visitation from the Lord.  She was told in that visitation that doors would open to her to major ministries throughout the United States and that she would go and prophesy the word of the Lord to them.  Since then, doors have swung wide open to Glenda’s ministry.  Glenda has ministered in some of America’s largest Christian ministries including the World Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, and several Fire Conferences for Benny Hinn.

Glenda often says in response to her ministry, “I’m nothing, it’s all God.”

God uses her powerfully through very accurate prophetic words and powerful impartations of Faith working through Love.  She is full of faith, fearless, and strong.  Everywhere she goes, she fills the room with joy and laughter and has a great sense of humor.