Prophetess Glenda Jackson, without knowing my God-downloaded strategy for reaching Israel, prophesied it publicly the night before I spoke at Peter Gammons’ tent meeting recently in Orlando, Florida. She said EVERYONE in Israel will know my name. Glenda is the great niece of Maria Woodworth- Etter and one of the highest level prophets I know. Her great aunt was considered an outstanding Prophetess and walked in amazing signs and wonders. If you want to view the prophecy and my meeting go to SidRoth.org/tent. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. This is your season to step forward into the great end-time harvest.

– Sid Roth


A year ago I had a strange break out of red bumps that would spread over an area of my body as if I had been bitten by a mosquito. The bumps were very, very painful and at times depending where they would appear on my legs or thigh it would be painful to set or walk. For three months I had breakout one after another. I wasn’t for sure what kind of breakout it was. I just knew that Satan was attacking my body. I had tried to medicate myself with different types of creams for skin irritation. But to no avail, I finally broke down and went to the doctor and to my surprise I was told I had a mild case of shingles and there were nothing the doctor could give me for the breakouts.
I heard that Sister Glenda Jackson would be in town running a meeting. I had heard and seen the miracles God had worked through this mighty women of God. Prior to the breakouts that invaded my body. I had began to lose my hair I was going bald my hair had gotten very thin and began to break off. Soon I found myself wearing a wig I had lost majority of my hair and the rest that was left I had the barber shave off. I soon found out that Sister Glenda Jackson was holding a meeting in Sanger California. I went that night and after a powerful move of God I had her pray for me. I never told her what my situation was, I was to embarrassed. Right then God gave Sister Glenda Jackson what the problem was. She told me, that she was going to rebuke baldness because that’s what it was. I was relieved and grateful. Since she prayed for me my hair has been growing longer and stronger every since. God had healed me from baldness.
When I heard she was going to hold another meeting here in Fresno California. I went to her meeting believing God would use her again to pray for me about the breakouts of shingles’s that had invaded my body. As soon as God lead Sister Glenda Jackson to lay her hands on me. She told me that before she came to the meeting, God had told her that someone was going to receive a miracle today. And she said that person is you. My, my, my, it was a glorious day! God had seen my suffering and sent his Servant to lay hands on me. I was healed in Jesus Name! Glory be to God!

– Chauvet Smith


Hello sister Gwendolyn Jackson so glad to hear your doing better wanted to share my healing that I received from your visit in our Norwalk New Harvest Christian Fellowship February of 2013 I had been diagnosed with bladder cancer I was told that I had a large tumor in my bladder that they had scheduled to remove that same month I remember you calling out for someone that have cancer and I remember you coming over to me and calling me out for prayer when I went in for my surgery they remove the tumor and I was told by the doctor that the tumor had failed away from the bladder and that no other part of my body had received any cancer from it it is now 2017 and every visit to the doctor has always been no cancer report thank you and God bless you for being obedient to our Lord and savior and touching in his name
-Dolores Holley
NHCF Madera, California


And it came to pass…within days and hours, words spoken by the Prophet Glenda Jackson into our lives, have manifested and have indeed become reality. “This very day – get your house in order”; “A man named Frank will be calling You”; “Tonight you will have dreams”; and other prophecies spoken directly into our beings, do we hold and ponder and wonder. These prophecies have already come to pass. I can witness that these words were truly spoken and others are yet to come…all these have had profound affect to shape us – some have taken years to play out. We believed the prophet and do realize that in all God has done, in changing hearts and lives, does indeed take time – we do want to be obedient knowing that all things are working together for good to accomplish the Will of the Father. All praise and honor, glory, and power, be to the Father of Lights who knows how to give good things above and beyond what we can ask or think. Glory to His Name! –Willard and Barbara Bennett, Markleeville, California.

These things written above have been supernaturally wrought by God. He has orchestrated these things and has placed Sister Glenda strategically in our lives – we can accept or not accept what God is going to do. For instance who would fathom that their lives would intersect with a chosen one who has been called forth from the Lord of this magnitude, stemming from God who called her Great aunt Maria Woodworth-Etter, who was used by God some decades or century ago who walked in the supernatural as written and documented in Gods Generals.. In this present day we would think of these marvelous works as unbelievable or far-fetched. But they are not. They are true and real. Prophet Glenda Jackson was called and said yes to the Lord, as did her father Clytus Underwood before her. He walked in the miraculous also with signs and wonders following him. I have traveled with Prophet Jackson and have seen the many healings, deliverances, salvation, peace, supernatural life changes as promised by our Lord Jesus Christ, that we would have life and that life more abundantly. Who would have known that I would travel and see these things happening around the world as I have. God has called Sister Glenda as a Prophet to the Nations, beginning with her faithfulness in ministering to the American Indian people for many years. Submitted by

-Barbara Bennett, Markleeville, California.