Glenda’s Heritage

Glenda’s ministry was birthed out of a lineage of rich spiritual heritage. Her father was C.L. Underwood, a healing evangelist with incredible miracles manifesting in his services.

Photo of Maria Woodworth-EtterHer great aunt was Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924), who was a famous evangelist in the founding years of the Assemblies of God. She was born in New Lisbon, Ohio, born-again in 1857, and married Philo Horace Woodworth in 1863. In 1902, she married Samuel Etter. When disease took five of her six children, Maria had a vision which led her to dedicate her life to the ministry. After spending over 40 years of her life preaching thousands of sermons across America, Woodworth-Etter built her Tabernacle in Indianopolis, Indiana. Dedicated on May 19, 1918, her Tabernacle (now Lakeview Church) drew many future leaders of the revival, including Aimee Semple-McPherson. Maria Woodworth-Etter died six years after the dedication of her Tabernacle at the age of 80.